Design the Landscape of Your Dreams

Arrange for landscape design services with our team

What is the perfect landscape? It's a combination of green grass, trimmed trees and colorful flowers that has been carefully arranged by a trained eye. The team at Landscape & Art Designers has been creating beautiful landscapes for residential and commercial clients for over two decades. Whether you want sod installation or new landscape lighting, you can rest assured your landscape is in good hands with us.

We can also add depth to your landscape by building hardscaping features. With our eye for design and green thumb, we can make any landscape stand out.

5 ideas for your new landscape design

Ready to upgrade your home's or business's landscape, but don't know where to start? There are a lot of ways to transform your landscape. Here are a few:

  1. Design a colorful and eye-catching flower bed
  2. Set up boulders for an earthy-looking landscaping element
  3. Build a backyard kitchen for social gatherings
  4. Add a stone retaining wall for added dimension
  5. Install a new sprinkler system for healthy, green plants

There are a million ways to design a landscape, but only one team knows how to truly transform your outdoor living space. Call 208-369-8506 now to get a free estimate on landscape design.

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